Collage Fusion

Day 361
Day 361

The library is a great place for me to get ideas of things to try. I checked out a book called Collage Fusion and I thumbed through it and gave me inspiration to attempt a wood burning. This is only the second time I’ve used my wood burning tool and I definitely have kinks to work out. This is only the first part. After burning outlines then I can use other media to fill in the spaces – fabric, paint, paper. We’ll see.
Wood burning
Unrelated but part of my day – there was a rainy hour to fill between picking up the kids and taking them to Kung Fu class. I took them to Goodwill and must say, it was great. At one point I left them looking at toys and went two isles away. When I came back they weren’t there. When I found them in the next one Quinn quickly shoved something behind his back. “Mom, can we each spend $1.50 of our allowance?”
“Ok. It’s for your birthday so you can’t see it.”
They put it in a wicker basket and Quinn carried it to the register and they had me turn around. The woman behind the register kept it hidden. Quinn and Isabella both chatted with her about how it was my birthday on Wednesday. They were incredibly cute and sweet.
I’m a lucky mom.