CZT Training

Yesterday I flew home from Rhode Island where I took the Certified Zentangle® Teacher Training. I’ve never experienced anything close to this seminar. Every minute detail was carefully planned out resulting in, not only a smooth and effective training but a feeling of being pampered and supported completely.

Upon arrival, a giant tangled flag was the first thing I was greeted with. The lobby had a gorgeous sign welcoming the Zentangle group. Even the keycards had an element of the Zentangle logo on it. Rick and Maria, the founders of Zentangle, mingled and made efforts to speak with everyone. There was a surprise waiting at our seats almost every time we sat down for a session and gifts were given at random drawings throughout each day. The entire Zentangle staff was friendly, knowledgable and quick to share all they could.

And the other attendees were lovely. Maria and I were talking at one point and she said, “Hotel Providence loves when these trainings happen because they say everyone is so nice. I’m not sure if Zentangle draws nice people to it or if Zentangle makes people nicer.” Whichever it is, I completely agree. I made a connection with several wonderful women.

On my return flight I gave my first, impromptu class. I was drawing a tangle and the man next to me watched for a while so finally I told him what it was. Convinced it was only because I must have always had an artistic eye I told him he could do it too. Did he want to try? To my utter delight, he did! So I pulled out a tile and taught him a tangle. While I was doing that a woman across the isle interrupted and asked what we were doing. It was a sweet and affirming experience for me.

I’m officially a CZT (certified Zentanlge teacher)!!

Here are a few of the tangles they taught us during the class.

CZT training