Facing the challenge

Being tired from the flight made for a perfect day of resting and playing around with different things.

Day 5

I tried photographing my breakfast and the village from the rooftop terrance but what I decided to post pictures of, is what challenged me most.

I’d brought some watercolors with me and tried playing around. From the roof there is this window that I’m drawn to. It looks like a door but isn’t. Since my eye kept going back to it I figured I should try it. The experience was a little frustrating because in my rush of packing I didn’t think to check if the watercolor tubes were still good – out of 12 only 4 were viable; white, red, burnt orange and black. I was tempted to try something else but the main colors I needed were there, so I stuck with it because, why not? I kept putting it down or away because I wasn’t sure I liked it but then remembered one of the rules I set for myself – post it even if I don’t like it because how can I see progress at the end of the year. So here it is.

Materials: watercolors, colored pencils, markers

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