Fresh Start

SpringYesterday was the first day of Spring and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been as happy to see a new season as I am now.

Twisting and turning in bed last night, so tired but not sleepy, I wondered what my deal was. Thankfully a smarter, wiser part of me cleared her throat and raised her hand to stop my churning. This moment of pause brought a huge wave of compassion that allowed me to acknowledge what a crazy difficult winter it’s been. It’s no wonder I’m drained and feeling overwhelmed. To remind myself, should I need another knock upside the head, I’ve decided to list everything that’s happened this winter. I’m not complaining or giving myself a pity party but I’m using it as a cleansing way to recognize it’s been a hard, not-all-bad but ridiculously full winter and empty myself of all that’s happened so I can let Spring in:

Dad almost died
Isabella got walking pneumonia
Derek got walking pneumonia
Hurt lower back
Root canal through old root canal
Mid-winter break
Trip to Austin
Flu took me down for a week
Chipped front tooth on a fork
Quinn’s birthday party
Joint birthday party
Cracked molar
Cold that knocked me out
Isabella’s birthday party
Quick trip to CO

Again, not all of this is negative.

I know everyday can be used as a reset button but I’m feeling the need for a larger one so I’m using these first days of Spring as a way to wipe the slate clean, shake off all the residue from winter and open myself for a fresh start.

With that in mind, here’s a list as long as the one above, of all the things I’m grateful for, (in no particular order):

Two great, crazy-smart, thoughtful, funny, maddening children
A very involved and proactive spouse
Dental insurance
Health insurance
My health
The sun today
My home
My dogs
My senses
Healthy food
Quiet moments