Learning through practice

The number of the apartment in Torrox, Spain where I am staying

Today I walked down to the ocean. Taking pictures where there is an effusion of sun is a challenge to my newbie photography skills having learned to take pictures in the gray of Seattle. The bright sun on the reflective white of the buildings in the Pueblos makes it difficult to get a good exposure. It’s frustrating to see something in my head, know how I want it captured and then come up against my limitations with the camera. I want a lifetime of knowledge to come pre-packaged and stored in my brain. But alas, I do not have it. And the only way to get better is practice – take more pictures, take more pictures, take more pictures. With all that in mind, here are a few from today.

2 thoughts on “Learning through practice”

  1. This may sound weird but I feel like I can “smell” Torrox from your photos. The air, ocean, buildings, flowers. What does it smell like? Can one capture smell through art more concretely? Anyway, enjoying your travels, both literally and figuratively. Hi to your traveling partner too.

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