Long time coming…

It’s official.

I’m changing my life.

I gave notice at the job I’ve held for 11 years and my last day will be at the end of May. By mid-June I’ll be a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), I have the summer off to be with my kids and to set up my teaching/open studio in my back yard. Part of me is scared…beyond scared really, but most of me is marching forward as if this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. It feels like I’m coming home.

My studio will be a place where I teach accessible art techniques to creative people who feel they have no artistic talent. Because I believe we can all make something beautiful. Once I made the decision my mind has been overflowing with ideas and workshop concepts. This is still in a fledgling stage so I know there are a ton of specifics to work out but I trust that will all come in time.

On a another note, while I haven’t been posting, I have continued creating. The photo is from the work I began tonight on postcards for a postcard swap that’s happening in May, which is run by iHanna’s Blog. There’s still time to sign up…..