Not-so-shiny New Year

As we cleaned up the house Isabella lingered over her ornaments and sighed. “Saying goodbye to Christmas is hard. It’s more fun setting it up instead of taking it all down.”
I understand her sentiment but I have to admit that this year I was happy to have the house back to normal. The second half of the break was good but it felt great to put the tree out, vacuum up the needles, put the furniture back and get rid of the clutter. We even got the kid’s rooms cleaned and organized in a way that’s needed to happen since we moved in!

The bright and shiny promise of a new year has lost a little of its shine since I had to have an emergency root canal yesterday. On a tooth that already had a root canal back in 2006 I might add. I’m swollen and in pain and still can’t chew on that side but I’m not giving up hope on a great 2014. In a few weeks I, and 9 others, will be sending out our projects to their first stop on the Artistic Road Trip (ART) Project. I’ll be posting progress occasionally as I work on the various pieces that show up on my doorstep.

Here’s a sneak peek of mine.Sneak peek