Quilled Card

A friend of mine recently had twins. We became friends when we were sitting together at the park watching our kids play. I’d met her a few times but never had the opportunity to really talk. But something about that day stripped away all of the small talk parents normally do while waiting for their kids to exhaust themselves.

We quickly got to how other people responded to her news of twins. Grimaces with an intake of breath, “Ooh. Congratulations?” “Ahh. Wow.” Reactions of shock and not well hidden ‘so-glad-it’s-not-me’ pitying. All so strong it was palpable. I admitted to her that my reaction a few months earlier had probably been the same.

I vowed to keep positive energy flowing her way because she had enough on her plate without other people’s reactions to deal with.

On Feb 11, after carrying her twins to term, she delivered a healthy girl and boy completing a beautiful family of six.

This is a card I finally finished making for her, two sets of quilled baby feet.