Time Machine

Day Four

Who says there isn’t a time machine? Sure, you can’t go too far into the future or past but time is certainly fluid. I woke up Thursday, got on a plane and in 8 hours I was already in Friday. It’s strange to have time squeezed. It feels like I should say something more except that’s it…time was squeezed, fast forwarded and now my body is confused. Does it follow the light or my internal clock that hasn’t caught up to where I’m physically at? It’ll all work itself out I know and this is the rambling of someone who has been awake for 36 hours with only a brief nap. Not complaining – just rambling. Because I’m now in Spain after all.

I played around today with taking pictures. Some while on the plane and most of those didn’t turn out because of smudge marks on the window but these two at least evoke the trip for me. Then there’s an exhausted me sitting on a bench outside where I’m staying because that’s where the wifi is. I took this with the webcam on my computer. The last is taken of the village tonight on the rooftop terrace. I played with taking a long exposure. It’s my first so I’m happy I’ll have something to refer back to as the year goes on as I’m sure I’ll learn lots by doing.

Til tomorrow!

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