Unimportant things

After picking the kids up from school they both wanted to go to the park. I’ll admit it, internally I groaned. It was cold, I hadn’t brought my jacket but those didn’t feel like great reasons to say no so I said yes, with the caveat that I would stay in the car.

QuinnI played on my phone for a bit, looking up often to locate my blond beauties. I’m not much for app games though so grew bored quickly. Instead of continuing to distract myself I decided to put my phone away, be present and pay attention to the little things.

I saw a dead leaf blow against the fence and get captured by it, helplessly trapped despite the wind pulling at it.

A woman in a black coat looking at a piece of paper walked forward. Then back. Then forward. I thought I’d caught a moment of indecision – ‘I’m going to the car, no I’m not, yes I am’ – I’ve done that move before. But she surprised me. She kicked a foot to the side and tapped her toes, did a little slide step and kicked out the opposite foot. Ah! She was practicing a dance.

IsabellaAnd my kids, sharing their new Nerf long-range bow & arrows with all the kids on the playground. Kid’s faces red with the cold yet hot with the excursion of running at top speed to catch the green and orange arrows. I do love to watch them, laughing and free; pure unaffected joy in their movements.

I must remember how good it feels to be an observer of life’s unimportant moments.